Summer Internship Project (Summer Placements)

Rules & Regulations

  • All information regarding companies coming for the campus selection process for “Summer internship Project (Summer Placements)” will be informed to students through the Placement Notice Board and / or emails. Students must keep themselves abreast of the developments on this matter regularly.
  • If required pertinent details may be shared through the institution’s website
  • Students will have to submit, to the TnP Cell, details of “Summer Placement” in the standard format.
  • In case of companies who invite the students to their premises / office for the selection process, it is the individual student’s responsibility to appear for the interview as per the schedule (date/time/venue) in the Institute’s uniform and with the Institute’s I Card.
  • Students should carry all academic and personal certificates while appearing for the interview, along with at least two hard copies of their Curriculum Vitae in the format prescribed by SIMMC. The format is hosted on the institution’s website
  • Students should be conscious of the fact that whenever they appear for an interview, they are brand ambassadors of SIMMC, and hence, they should carry themselves in an appropriate manner. Any misbehaviour will result in blacklisting from the forth-coming campus selection process.
  • All the candidates who have registered the interview have to attend the Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) of the respective company.
  • All the shortlisted candidates should take care not to interfere in any way with the selection process of the Company.
  • Students who have obtained a SIP offer through their own efforts must submit one copy of the offer letter to the TnP Cell. Students must remember that such SIP needs to be approved by the Institute authorities else may be treated as invalid.
  • Students are encouraged to speak to the TnP Cell to clarify their doubts
  • The decision of the Director of the Institute is final and binding on the students.


Guidance for Approaching Summer Internship Project

  • Students should study the company / organization in detail and find out information pertaining to the organization, philosophy, businesses, products, competitors, markets, 5 year financials, HR policies, business practices, etc. They should visit the library and study the company from various digital resources
  • Students should scan relevant articles in the business newspapers, business magazines (Print media) and maintain it in a guard book in order to understand the company’s priorities, problems, challenges and initiatives in the immediate future.
  • While selecting the topic for the project report the student should keep in mind the objectives of the project. The title of the project should match the objectives of the study. The topic and title should be approved by the faculty guide within a week of joining the SIP or before.
  • The title should be specific and the objective of the project should be clearly laid down.
  • Students must visit the organization and the company guide on a daily basis and provide daily updates on the ongoing project. An email reporting format may be adopted whenever the company guide is not in office. Students should maintain a diary of events or progress on a daily basis. All emails marked to the company guide should have a cc to the Faculty guide so that the faculty is in the know of the progress and can guide accordingly.
  • Before starting the SIP the student must review at length the guidelines provided by the Institute. Students must meet and update the faculty guide on a regular interval (minimum on a weekly basis).
  • Data shared by the organization should be solely used for the project report only. Such data should be quoted with explicit written permission from the company guide or authority.
  • During the project work if the students visiting the organization, then they must follow rules and regulations of that organization. Proper care must be taken and approval must be obtained from the concerned authority for using conveyance, canteen, photocopying facilities, etc.
  • While using telephone facility and email facility proper telephone and email etiquettes must be followed along with permission from the authorities to use these facilities.
  • The students must follow the protocol of meeting the personal assistants of senior executives while they are on call. All such meetings with senior executives must be with prior appointments only.
  • All the project findings must be discussed with company guide or authority along with a proper action plan giving your findings, recommendations and corrective actions if any.
  • A serious effort taken by you during these 2 /4 months may lead to pre placement offer, thereby giving you a chance to climb the corporate ladder swiftly this will mean that you may have to join the organization before you complete your MBA / PGDM programme. Kindly consult TnP Cell before giving your consent.