Effectiveness At Workplace

Personality Development Workshops

Suryadatta espouses the firm belief that a genius is not born but created, so long as the right conducive environment is nurtured. In keeping with this belief, Personality Development Sessions are conducted for the students to unleash their talents and to inspire them in recognizing, tapping as well as utilizing their full potential.

One such, seven day comprehensive Soft Skills program is organized every year for the students. It comprises modules such as developing success skills in the Corporate World, business etiquette and power grooming, public speaking as well as presentation skills. Corporate Trainers and Motivating presenters of International repute conduct these sessions filled with motivating lectures, inspiring quotations, life transforming stories, impressive role plays and enlightening video clips reflecting individual performances. Students found these sessions novel informative, inspiring and motivating, giving them practical insights and helping them attune themselves to the demands of the industry.

Leadership Training

The workshop is exclusively conducted for Suryadatta students. Experts guided the students through techniques aimed at gaining in depth knowledge of various subjects emphasizing self studyand application of Management Techniques. It also shattered the myth that all successful industrialists are successful leaders and firmly established the fact that ethics and values were the only secrets of successful leaders. Also established was Suraydatta’s strong belief that the winning combination of talent, hard work and principles only would lead its students to success.

Study Tours

Focused learning interventions on specific themes / topics are organized by taking a small batch of students for visiting corporate / business houses and having a small group interaction with the industry. This initiative enriches students’ knowledge as well as gives them an opportunity to appreciate real life implementation issues.


Students are deputed to one or multiple departments / functions in a business organization/corporate entity for a week or more and then shadow the senior management and leadership professionals in the organization to have a slice of life experience of these individuals. This activity provides students an opportunity to understand the functioning of the organization and also the demands placed by the managerial roles. It also helps to condition their minds for the life they would experience after they graduate from the institute, to validate their notions about the corporate world. Further, this helps them to understand the upcoming trends in the industry and also develops their research and documentation skills, communication skills, presentation skills and overall personality and confidence.

Live Projects

Helps students to get insights into the functioning of the industry & startups. Study tours are organized to help students gain new perspectives on culture at the workplace &learning beyond textbooks and classroom sessions.