Career Planning & Job Search Skills

Academic Counseling

Academic counseling is provided during induction programme, orientation sessions for KRC and ITRC. Course specific counseling is provided by course teachers with respect to issues such as how to approach university exams, guidance about solutions to past question papers, etc.

Career Counseling

Career counseling aims to develop clarity of thoughts, identify career interests & priorities, choose an appropriate specialization, and finally make the choice of the right career. Training and Placements cell plays a pivotal role in career counseling by making students understand their strengths which match the requirement of the recruiters and the students’ efforts, to secure a good career. Various industry connect initiatives, in-house activities such as seminars, conferences, etc. also act as career counseling opportunities. Psychometric tests are carried out to map student’s personalities and other aspects such as aspirations, career drives, etc.

Career Guidance Lecture series

A Career Guidance lecture series (Specialization Choice Series) is conducted in the 2nd semester, in which domain specific inputs are offered to make students aware of career opportunities in each specialization area.  

Mock Job Fair

A mock job fair is also arranged to test the skill set of students based on the corporate expectations. Students are given an opportunity to apply for jobs and based on the applications, mock interviews are conducted.

Domain Seminars

Domain seminars are organized to give domain specific inputs.

Role Specific Interventions

Whenever a job/career opportunity is shared by a potential recruiter, the Training & Placements Cell orients the students about the role and its requirements, the actual selection process that the students need to go through, the long term career opportunities that might  potentially arise out of the opportunity and the pay package, etc. Grooming sessions are carried out & faculty members guide students about preparations for interviews, aptitude tests, group discussions, etc.