Job Role Focussed Coaching

1.Corporate Mentoring

Select students work with an in-company professional who mentors them from a functional, behavioral and business skills perspective. Students report to the corporate mentor for this activity and are groomed personally by them.


Students are deputed to one or multiple departments / functions in a business organization/corporate entity for a week or more and then shadow the senior management and leadership professionals in the organization to have a slice of life experience of these individuals. This activity provides students an opportunity to understand the functioning of the organization and also the demands placed by the managerial roles. It also helps to condition their minds for the life they would experience after they graduate from the institute, to validate their notions about the corporate world. Further, this helps them to understand the upcoming trends in the industry and also develops their research and documentation skills, communication skills, presentation skills and overall personality and confidence.

3.Entrepreneur Interview

Students have a one-on-one conversation with an entrepreneur to help understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Such interactions inspire students to take up entrepreneurship as a career option.

Corporate Interview

Students, along with a faculty member, visit the work place of a corporate professional and have a one-on-one conversation with the corporate personality. The focus of such interaction is to appreciate the personal career track of the professional, challenges faced by and the achievements of the professional. The professional also provides insights into the industry, sector, organization and the function. Students go well prepared with a structured questionnaire / interview guide and record the interview.